Bringing Live Music to Seniors In Care

Since 2011, Concerts in Care has Achieved


Concerts delivered by Health Arts Society Ontario


Seniors attended and listened to performances


paid performances to professional musicians

CONCERTS IN CARE has given new meaning to the idea of “Concerts in the home.”

CiC brings professional musicians into seniors’ homes, long-term care, and assisted living facilities across Ontario, to bring the joy and stimulation of live music to our senior, and often frail, population who can no longer get to concert venues.

Since 2011, Concerts in Care Ontario has provided almost 1,200 concerts, touching 61,500 seniors’ audience members, and providing 2,660 performer engagements in Ottawa, Pembroke, Toronto, and Sudbury. In 2019, we will initiate concerts in London, ON.

WHY is Music Important for Seniors in Care?

Research shows that music is particularly beneficial for people struggling with a change of location, memory loss, and social isolation.

Listening to music helps them to remember familiar places and events and make associations with happy times through musical memories.

This is important because lifestyle changes can be isolating for seniors who have had to leave their facilities. CiC fills this gap with transformative live music.

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